Anointing is the supernatural touch of God's Spirit on a life, of which nothing else can suffice. It is the enablement of God.


When Grace Flows From the Head to the Body

It is continually experiencing the 'hand of God' by humbling oneself under the mighty hand of God.

The anointing of God's Spirit on a leaders life is so important because He provides you 'the oil of joy' in the midst of the perplexing challenges and dark discouraging times of ministry. Do you have joy in heart, home and ministry? Seek His anointing. As one pastor-friend said recently, "In the midst of criticism and personal hurt, I plug into another world and experience the Lord's peace and joy." Anointing is important in ministry, for His presence and power are the 'pouring out the oil of joy' in our lives.

Most Common Questions.

Many first time parents have questions about celebrating the Sacrament of Baptism. We hope your questions are answered here below.

Who are the Disciples of Christ?

We are a mainline Protestant denomination (similar to Methodists and Presbyterians) with more than 700,000 members in the United States and Canada. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. We believe the Bible is God’s word, and we give each person the freedom to responsibly interpret the Bible for themselves.

How big is the church?
What time is your Sunday worship service?
What do you offer for babies and toddlers?
Who goes to your church?
Do I have to belong to your denomination to attend?
Do you have to dress up to attend your worship service?
What kind of things do you do in your worship service?
Can a visitor take communion?
What kind of adult education/spiritual growth opportunities do you offer?
Church Officers

Meet Our Wonderful Team of Clergymen

Jeremy Erickson


Mae Mendez


Barbara Paul

Head of Worship Team

Erik Peters

Deputy Pastor

The Best Church

I had searched for a bible-based church for a long time and once I came to Vestry, it just felt like I had finally arrived at my home.

John Robbins


Great Blessing for Me

Thank you so much for embracing me! I pray GOD’s continual Hand of Protection, Provision & Favor on your ministry and members!

James Vaughn

Truck Driver

My Church Home

My mother-in-law told us about her church and we love it. It’s a true Bible based church like I’ve been looking for!! We finally found our church family!!

John Robbins


They Changed My Life

It’s rare today to find a biblical church that teaches the word of God. At Vestry Bible we get fed the knowledge of Christ helping to grow as Christians.

Herbert Massey

Police Officer

Here I grew Spiritually

Bible vacation school was very important to me and my family. It gave us a sense of oneness with the church and a connection with God.

James Vaughn

Truck Driver

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«Ιδών ο Χριστός την πόλιν (των Αθηνών) έκλαυσε…»

Ένα χαραχτηριστικό γνώρισμα των ημερών είναι η σύγχυση. Σύγχυση ηθική, ιδεολογική, πολιτισμική… Η πανάρχαιη «βαβυλωνία» έχει απλωθεί σε ολόκληρη τη γη. Ζούμε στην επoχή της μετα-αλήθειας, των μετα-γεγονότων, των ψευδών …


Αν και δύο, είναι μόνοι

Μετά τη σταύρωση του Ιησού, δυο μαθητές πορεύονται προς το χωριό Εμμαούς ορφανεμένοι, μοναχοί, βαρύθυμοι. Κάποια στιγμή αναπάντεχα, νιώθουν κοντά τους να συνοδοιπορεί ένας Άγνωστος. Τα μελιστάλαχτα λόγια Του, το …


Η τραγωδία των Αγίων Αναργύρων

Το πισώπλατο δολοφονικό χτύπημα, που σώριασε αιμόφυρτη στο χώμα την Κυριακή Γρίβα , έξω από το αστυνομικό τμήμα, μας συγκινεί βαθύτατα… Το σβησμένο χαμόγελό της είναι σαν μαραμένο τριαντάφυλλο, μαδημένο …

Εκκλησίες Αθήνα, Κηρύγματα Ευαγγελίου, Ευαγγέλιο, ευαγγελιο σημερα, το ευαγγελιο σημερα , ευαγγέλιο κυριακήσ, ευαγγελιο τησ κυριακησ, το ευαγγέλιο τησ κυριακήσ, σημερινο ευαγγελιο , ευαγγελιο αυριο, Εκκλησία, Ελεύθερη Ευαγγελική Εκκλησία Αθηνών, Ευαγγελική, Ελεύθερη, Αθηνών

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